Cold Weather

With the extremely cold temperatures expected this week it is important that students dress for the weather when coming to school. Please see the image above for some guidelines with respect to dressing for the cold.

During very poor weather students will be permitted to play appropriately inside. Given the protection offered by our surrounding forests, when temperatures are in the range of -10 to -15 degrees at the school, students are typically expected to play outside as long as the windchill isn’t too bad. When the temperature drops below -10 degrees at the school  the decision whether or not to have an indoor recess rests with the principal and is based on a number of factors (ie. temperature at the school, windchill, shelters available, length of time outside, etc.).

If your child arrives at school before the bell, some teachers may choose to open their classroom doors a few minutes early on extreme cold weather days. If your child’s classroom door is not open, the multi-purpose room is alway open in the morning at 7:55am for both the breakfast program and as a quite place to take shelter from the cold. Students can also come in the front doors to rest on the red bench.  Please note, if your child is “too ill” to play outside at lunch and recess, they should not be at school.  This policy is in place to protect the health of all students, staff and guests at South Broadview

Winter Fun

I’m not sure who has more fun watching the kids slide on what, I think, is the BEST hill in town- the filmer at the bottom, or the kids coming down! Our kids get to do this almost every day!

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School Fees

Unfortunately, we still have hundreds of dollars outstanding in unpaid school fees. If you have received a reminder letter about school fees in the past few days, we would deeply appreciate those being settled up. Many thanks.