Family Affordability Fund

This email was sent out to all families this morning:

As you may have heard about in the news, this year the Provincial Government has provided one-time funding to school districts to support families who are struggling with rising costs of living due to global inflation. This funding is intended to help families struggling with food security, paying school fees, purchasing school supplies, paying for additional field trips costs, dealing with the increased cost of clothing etc.

If support in any of these areas may be of help to you, please reach out to me at the school and I will send you a specific application form.  The form is just necessary for record keeping purposes. We are hoping to have the gift cards for groceries, gas and clothing in our building by the end of the month so that we can get them out to families in early December.  

As a school family, we also want to support families that may need help in terms of a hamper for Christmas – food and toys.  Please feel free to let me know as well.  We are working on some ideas internally to help out with that as well 🙂

As a South Broadview family, we are here to support and care for each other through these challenging times.  Please do not hesitate whatsoever to reach out.