Free Parent Helper Ski Session

Free Parent Helper Ski Session!

Who? Parents, guardians, grandparents, CEAs, Teachers… any adult who anticipates joining a group of kids on the cross country trails but would like the opportunity to become more familiar with cross country skiing and a few of the beginner trails at Larch Hills.

What is this? Community volunteers will lead a ski session so that adults who would like to support a cross-country skiing field trip can feel more comfortable doing this.

When and where? December 14, 9:30-noon (December 21 is a back-up date if there is not enough snow on Dec. 14).  Meet at the Larch Hills Chalet.

What do I need to bring?  Wear layers of warm clothing (including tuque and mitts) that can be removed as needed.  Coffee and cookies provided, please bring a mug.  XC rental equipment and boots will be provided FREE from Skookum Ski and Cycle.

How do I sign up for this fantastic community opportunity? Please contact Pat Hutchins at 250.832.7242 or by email at  Please provide your height and shoe size (please indicate if this is a Men’s or Women’s size) so that XC gear can be reserved ahead of time for you, as well as email/phone number (so that we can contact you if the session is postponed).  

 Please pick up your Free rental gear at Skookum Ski and Cycle on the Friday prior to the ski day, Friday Dec 13 (or Fri Dec 20 if the event is postponed).

Deadline to sign up: December 2nd.

Remembrance Day 2019

Parents, please consider joining us for our Remembrance Day Service on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 10:40am. The service will start at 10:40, so please plan on being seated by 10:35am.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

The BC Ministry of Education and School District No.  83 are continuing to develop curriculum and reporting documents that better meet the needs of families.  Our goal is to provide parents with a better way of understanding where their children are at in their learning journey.

Part of this change involves increased opportunities for parents to meet formally with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. As a result, for the third year in a row elementary schools in SD83 have scheduled an early dismissal day to facilitate Student/Parent/Teacher conferences.

On Thursday November 21, 2019, students at South Broadview will be dismissed at 11:27am so that Student/Parent/Teacher conferences can take place.

Daycare pick-up and school bus pick-up will take place at this time. If your child is riding the school bus, please expect them to be dropped off at their usual drop-off location approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes early. If you usually meet your child at the drop-off location, please arrive 5-10 minutes early just in case the bus is a bit early.

These conferences will provide an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to discuss the child’s areas of strength, areas where development is needed, as well as set learning goals for the child’s continued academic and behavioral growth. Research indicates that this method of reporting was found to be more meaningful and informative for teachers, parents, and students. We also know that community-building and establishing strong relationships between home and school are what promotes learning in the most fundamental way.

Please note, an information letter explaining how to sign-up for a Student/Parent/Teacher conference time slot will be sent home soon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the office. We look forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child’s progress and set goals for the remainder of the school year.


Heather Gobbett